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Open a new page of your life and career

with Intellias in Poland 

Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk 

Inviting talents to join Intellias relocation program 

Intellias already has more than 200 specialists located in our Krakow office. We are all forced to adapt to the new conditions, but we still stay together both in Ukraine and abroad. Poland is the very place where we meet again after crossing the border.

Besides Krakow, we are opening offices in Warszawa, Wroclaw, and Gdansk. We join to continue our business and to support Ukraine within one of the most developed countries in the IT-sphere.

Join Intellias, and we will help you relocate to this fantastic country with a great project to work on. 

Vacancies for Java engineers

Pick up a project and get ready for your next career journey

Application and CV

You fill in the form below and we will review your resume in one business day.


If your profile meets the requirements, have a small intro chat with our recruiter.

Introductory chat

Further technical interviews with our experts will be conducted online.

Technical Interview

Job offer

Accept the job offer and we will help you with relocation.





That's how it works

Visas & Permits

Intellias will prepare preliminary documentation for the international assignment and reimburse associated expenses. Intellias offers legal support for family relocation as well.

Travel Expenses

The company will reimburse/provide its employees with an air-travel ticket, luggage transportation allowance (up to 3 pieces of luggage), and cover costs for a car rental for the first two weeks.


Intellias will provide its employees with 2-week hotel accommodation while getting a work permit. The company will also reimburse real estate agency fees for permanent housing.

We know that getting used to a new country and new conditions can be challenging. That's why Intellias organizes initial onboarding cultural-awareness courses to make you feel at home in Krakow sooner.

Cultural-awareness courses

If you were to start your own company, Intellias is the one you’d create. We know this because we built the company we’d like to work at ourselves.

Vitaly Sedler and Michael Puzrakov

Co-founders of Intellias

Relocation program 

We will organize your relocation with no hassle so that you can focus on your professional goals while we take care of everything else

Meet Intellias

What does it mean to be a developer at Intellias?

A humane attitude is what Intellias stands for no matter how fast we grow, we’ll never back down on that. What’s important to us is attention to personality, not do-it-like-this processes.


We start our day with ‘Good morning’, not status updates. There’s enough space in our office not only to work comfortably but also for crafting and implementing fresh ideas. We maintain a respectful, supportive atmosphere to maximize our achievements.

Discover true stories about relocation with Intellias

If you need some inspiration...

Dmytro, a Senior DevOps engineer,

has already lived and worked in Poland for 11 months thanks to the to Intellias Global Mobility Program. Find out more about relocation success stories at Intellias. 

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But first, check the current Ukraine border crossing conditions 

If you are a woman, just skip this information :) But for the period of martial law, there are restrictions on departing Ukraine for men. Check the current requirements on official resources.


specialists on board

years of experience


active clients



senior engineers

Intellias is a technology enabler for the world’s leading companies. With over 2500 specialists on board, we combine engineering craftsmanship and technology expertise to solve challenges of any nature, scale, and complexity.   We operate in Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Germany, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. We are also about to open new offices in Europe and Latin America. Over 2 billion people around the world use software solutions developed by Intellias engineers.

In 2021 Intellias was recognized as the best service IT employer by DOU, the biggest IT community in Ukraine.

Intellias was ranked the best IT employer and the 5th best employer across industries by Forbes, global media, which focuses on business and technologies.

Intellias is the Employer of choice among IT professionals, according to EY, one of the biggest consulting companies in the world

Intellias won the award "Bicycle-Friendly Employer of the Year" from UCycle, Kyiv cycling association.

Intellias was named #1 Ukrainian software developer by Clutch, a leading ratings and review platform for IT companies.

Why Intellias?

Intellias creates and supports a human-to-human culture. We’ll never back down on that no matter how fast we grow. What’s important to us is attention to people, not do-it-like-this processes. We start our day with a “good morning,” not status updates. There’s enough space in our offices not only for comfortable work but for crafting and nurturing fresh ideas. We maintain a respectful, supportive atmosphere to maximize our achievements. This is the environment in which Intellias’ benchmark technological solutions are born. 


















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