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IntelliPeople: Everyday heroes

At Intellias, we transform our values into everyday actions and choices. We nurture the atmosphere of care and support and don’t back down on that no matter what.

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The 24th of February has changed our plans and our future for good. On this day Russia started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. From the first minutes of that day, we got to work: we evacuated our colleagues, we became volunteers, some of us joined the army.

We believe that we become invincible when we unite together. This is especially true for our brave volunteers. The aim of this short film was to give our employees a chance to tell their personal stories about volunteering during the war. Hundreds of them are in our team: they write codes, hire the best talent and train our colleagues.

They are our everyday heroes. They are the brave people of Ukraine.

What we do to help

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Intellias keeps helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Overall, we raised more than UAH 38 million. Among our main volunteering initiatives are:

The Sky project, which provides for the technical modernization of the command and reporting centers of the Zakhid (West) Air Force.

Vehicles for the army. An ongoing campaign to buy and deliver SUVs for our defenders. We have already purchased 48 vehicles.

Unmanned aerial complex. We donated UAH 5.5 million to Serhii Prytula Charity Foundation and bought an unmanned aerial complex FlyEye for our defenders, which is already on the frontline.

Online events. We organize online training and events about effective volunteering together with the experts from the “Come Back Alive” foundation, Serhiy Prytula, Zemlyachky NGO, Intellias specialists who volunteer etc.

Army logistics. Intellias engineers work on an inquiry from the Defense Ministry to develop a logistics system for the military.

Apart from that, Intellias keeps donating hardware like laptops, computers, monitors, and printers to diferent departments of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Max, Junior JavaScript Engineer

I joined the army in 2014 and participated in the battle of Donetsk airport. Now I’m in the army again, I’m the senior lieutenant of the air assault troops.

When the full-scale invasion started on February 24, I received a text from my mother. She told me what was happening. I opened the news, finished my work task, held a meeting with my colleagues, then I packed my things and went to the local draft board.

Now I receive a lot of calls and texts from my colleagues from Intellias. They help me and my unit a lot. The company supports us as well with equipment and devices.

I think everything’s going to be okay. Just stay calm and believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Yaroslav, Product Owner

I was waiting for the big war to start since 2014. I didn’t know, whether it would begin now or in twenty years. When this day came on February 24, I was rather calm. We went to the western parts of the country and started volunteering there.

I lived in Mariupol some time ago, so my first volunteering efforts were directed at finding meds for the people who stayed in Mariupol under constant shelling. Then I shifted to military equipment. We are now raising money for vehicles, drones, and ammunition for our defenders. Intellias supports our initiatives a lot.

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