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Every person on this planet likes Christmas a lot.
But bad guy, whom hates the whole world, definitely NOT! He's got billion points on his “evil” score
And nobody knows why he wants get some more.

His terrible actions don't make any sense.
Maybe he's bad 'cause he doesn't have friends?
But we suppose the main reason of all
That his ugly heart is two sizes small.

He spoiled our spring, our summer, and fall.
This Christmas is next? No way! We say “NO!”
We'll put Christmas tree and prepare Christmas Pudding… We'll beat the old villain whose name is ... Grinch!

Best tech stuff from Santa



Leaders in the number of smarts.
The most quality referrals


The campaign lasts from November 21
to December 30


All open positions from IntelliVacancies take part in the campaign

Only your recs
can save Christmas!

One notorious villain wants to steal our Christmas. But there’s one simple truth we all know from our favorite fairy-tales: until our hearts are warm and all our deeds are kind, no Grinch has power over us.

Are you ready to defend the main holiday of the year?
Prepare your superweapon – referral recommendations. Recommend your friends to our open vacancies at Intellias and win some special prizes under your Christmas tree.