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Think GLOBALLY, recommend locally!

Welcome to Europe! This is where we launch our new referral campaign. Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Portugal and other European countries – IntelliPeople are spread all around the continent. But at the same time, we remain one team – and we’ll always be.

And you can help the company increase its family here, in Europe. Recommend your friends to our relevant vacancies in EU countries and win some special prizes.


The best things to capture your memories


Leader in the number of smarts
The most quality referrals
The lucky one, chosen by random


The campaign lasts from October 6 to November 6


All open European vacancies from IntelliVacancies take part in the campaign


all over Europe!

Attract the best talents to our European family at Intellias! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Make a rec and take a pic!

Memories are the biggest value! And thanks to the special prizes of this referral campaign, you may collect as many as you can.
But first gain the biggest number of smarts till the end of the campaign.
And perhaps one of the main trophies will go to you.

Main Prize

GoPro HERO11

Be a pro at video making with a brand-new Go Pro camera! Just do the maximum of quality recs – and this prize is yours!  

Guaranteed prize*

Branded T-shirt

Make at least one quality recommendation and get a branded T-shirt with Intellias mascot – chameleon Stephan – as a memorable souvenir from the company.
*Guaranteed prize for a quality recommendation

Additional random Prize

Camera Instax

3, 2, 1 – cheese! With an Instax Camera, all the pics are real masterpieces. Do you want to get it? Keep recommending and always trust your luck! 

Referral Roadmap

Using the IntelliVacancies portal, check out open vacancies at Intellias and give your recommendations to any of them. For each recommendation, you will collect smarts according to our system of smarts allocation. Every week we will send you the updates so that you can track your progress. At the end of the campaign, the participant with the biggest number of smarts will receive the main prize. The Instax Camera will be given to a randomly chosen participant. 

*As you recommend candidates from Europe, they are subject to the GDPR. Therefore, we will only be able to add information about them to our database after obtaining their consent.

Take part in an additional giveaway

Win one of the gift certificates

Check out vacancies via IntelliVacancies

Recommend specialists

Collect smarts for your referrals

For more details about our referral programs сheck out this video tutorial


















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