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It’s more than just a job! 

Best on and off the field tools 



Leaders in the number of smarts.
Colleagues with the most quality recommendations


The campaign lasts from April 24 to May 31 


All open positions from IntelliVacancies take part in the campaign

Our New Referral Campaign
inspired by Ted Lasso TV show 

The show follows an American college football coach who is hired to train an English soccer team and whose optimistic leadership proves unexpectedly successful.
And what about your optimism? Why not share it with your friends by opening new career prospects at Intellias? Recommend the best of them for our open vacancies and score your goals to win the main cups at the end of our referral match!

Let your recs bring you to the top!

Share the pleasure of working at Intellias with your friends and remember that our success is built
on people, not just skills! 

Additional prizes 

We’ve prepared some additional secret prizes for you. Keep up with our announcements!

*Within this referral campaign, we give our winners the opportunity to choose the ticket for the event in the specified price range – up to 100 USD.

Let's hand over the
championship cups! 

In this referral campaign, we’ve prepared really special gifts for true fans. And it’s not only about football. It’s about real fans of their work, hobbies and passions.
Just keep recommending, score your smarts and win one of our incredible gifts at the end of this referral campaign.

1st place

ASUS ZenBeam Latte L1 Portable LED Projector

Get the biggest amount of smarts and take home a laser projector to transform your entertainment experience! Watch your favorite shows and sports games like never before – indoors or outdoors.

3rd place

Uniform of your favorite FC

Show off your team spirit with our third-place prize – a uniform from your favorite football club! Whether you're cheering from the stands or playing on the field, there's nothing like sporting your team's colors.

2nd place

Switch + FIFA 23 

Switching between hard work and rest is the best way to stay productive for a longer period. That's why we want to give a Nintendo Switch to the colleague who takes second place in our campaign. 

Guaranteed Prizes 

Ticket for event for 3+ quality recs  

It's fun to watch the football game on TV, but it can be even more exciting at the stadium. So here we go with our special motivational prize for our colleagues from the EU: make at least two quality recommendations* for any open position at Intellias and get a ticket to any football, sports match or even concert. 

Referral Roadmap

Using the IntelliVacancies portal, check out open vacancies at Intellias and give your recommendations to any of them. For each recommendation, you will collect smarts according to our system of smarts allocation. Every week we will send you the updates so that you can track your progress. At the end of the campaign, the participant with the biggest number of smarts will receive the main prize.

*If you recommend candidates from Europe, they are subject to the GDPR. Therefore, we will only be able to add information about them to our database after obtaining their consent.

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