It’s time to get to know each other

Hey, Stefan the Chameleon is here!

Let me tell you about Intellias, where I’m happily working as a mascot. The company has been founded 20 years ago, and a lot has changed during that time. But one thing remained the same – it’s human-to-human culture. Or human-to-chameleon culture in my case. Anyway, people are good to you here no matter who you are. Probably, that’s why Intellias was regularly named the best IT employer. Oh, and projects are great too! Well, I wouldn’t know much about autonomous driving or digital banking, e-Commerce platforms or artificial intelligence, but I have ears, okay? And people are saying that projects are great. So let’s look around and see what makes Intellias different.

over process

Our processes are smart but not set in stone. They’re constantly evolving to become more convenient and provide a positive experience for everyone who works here. And I’m talking quick responses to requests, open communication, and no pointless processes.

You manage your career

Manage your career and professional growth with one click. We have created an internal Career Hub to put you in charge of any career-related questions, including promotion, relocation, compensation package, mentorship, and learning. 

Smart comfort

At Intellias, you can work anywhere – from home, from the office, or mix all of the above. You are in charge of your working time, and you don’t have to ask for the manager’s permission to go to your dentist or your kids’ school play.


We want to see our cities sustainable and eco-friendly. With that in mind, we start with ourselves, supporting a bike-friendly culture, creating sustainable offices, and reducing waste.

Mature engineers

Technology is our craft and our passion. We have strong and globally recognized expertise in a variety of industries, including automotive and FinTech. Our team, which has more than 60% of Senior engineers, works with exciting projects.