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 Referral Roadmap

Using the IntelliVacancies portal, check out open vacancies at Intellias and give your recommendations to any of them. For each recommendation, you will collect smarts according to our system of smarts allocation. Every week we will send you the updates so that you can track your progress. At the end of the campaign, the three participants with the biggest number of smarts will receive the main prizes. The fourth prize will be given to a randomly chosen participant.

Proud to be Intellian

Intellias is a global IT company that always remembers that it was established in Lviv, Ukraine. Now, apart from other feelings we also feel pride. We are proud to work in a global IT company with Ukrainian roots. We are proud of the Ukrainian brands, known around the world, and, most of all, we are proud of our colleagues, who join the Armed Forces and become volunteers.  

Feeling the burning need to talk about Ukraine, we launch our new referral campaign. Tell your friends about Intellias, recommend them to our open vacancies, and win prizes from the greatest Ukrainian brands.


All open vacancies from IntelliVacancies take part in the campaign


The campaign lasts from May 16 to June 30


Leaders in the number of smarts 


Gift certificates from the world-famous Ukrainian brands

Truly Ukrainian gifts

For Ukrainians, receiving a gift from a local brand is like getting a small piece of home, isn’t it? And if you are not from Ukraine, it’s a good chance for you to get to know our country better! Three campaign leaders will receive gift certificates from the Ukrainian brands, which ship worldwide and donate part of their revenue to support Ukraine.

1st place

Etnodim gift certificate
10 000 UAH (330 USD)

The concept of the brand is simple and inspiring. It combines modern ethnic clothing with folk traditions. The Etnodim team is now spending their time between volunteering and work. They believe that wearing a vyshyvanka is really important today, as it makes Ukrainian culture visible to the world.

2nd place

Turbat gift certificate
5 000 UAH (165 USD)

Traveling makes people happy. The Turbat brand is the biggest traveling brand in Ukraine. Now the company helps to provide our defenders with the necessary equipment and ammunition. Travel the world with Ukrainian camping gear!

3rd place

Bagllet gift certificate
3 000 UAH (100 USD)

Bagllet is a Ukrainian company producing exclusive bags and other leather accessories. The brand transfers 100% of its revenue from selling certain categories of products to the special account of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And we know for sure that wearing Bagglet accessories will put you in the limelight wherever you are.

Feel free to recommend your friends

Help someone find a new job in a global IT company with Ukrainian roots. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Help someone find a new job in a global IT company with Ukrainian roots. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


















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