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Our client is a Consumer Goods Producer and Retailer with headquarters in Switzerland that sells its products in 130 countries. It is an innovative global company from the Fortune 500 list and one of the largest tobacco manufacturing companies in the world with a cross-product team located in 14 countries, including Poland, Germany, Italy, France, the UK, and Ukraine. But our project is not about tobacco. Intellias mission is to support its strategy and efforts in the Digital and eCommerce space. 

Digital Eco System is a platform providing multiple business capabilities to markets via a collection of independent services that can be activated based on market needs. DES Product Teams are focused on delivering capabilities that are available globally and offering platform integration and extension points for the markets.  

High-Tech Consumer Engagement Platform


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A newly conceptualized Digital Eco System (DES) is comprised of a set of capabilities and gets a 360-degree customer view: 


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Consumer Platform Team

We are responsible for providing a standardized and stable platform for the feature teams in the Consumer Experience group to develop, deploy and operate on their built features and components. 

Engineering & Infrastructure Team

We provide X-as-a-service for the engineering organization to consume in a self-service manner. Our purpose is to build fast with quality and reliably operate DES products on production,

DevOps Chapter

Our team provides DevOps capabilities to the Product Teams so that they managed their solutions from development to production. We establish DevOps principles and practices across the organization and ensure that all live products are operationally ready.

Software Engineering Chapter

We help Product and Platform Teams deliver through consistent engineering principles, tools, and practices.

Quality Assurance Chapter

We apply cutting-edge test tools and frameworks to assure the best quality standards and end-user satisfaction.

Scrum Master Team

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Consumer & Content Team

We enable marketers to get the best out of AEM by building dynamic features to help them manage their Ploom sites and deliver the best customer experiences.

Loyalty Team

We are responsible for the development and operations of loyalty-based features across our consumer-facing application as well as the back-office management of the Loyalty Engine.

MAP & Devices Team

We are responsible for all the device-related features in the Consumer App - for the Device Inventory and the IoT Platform for markets. 
The team builds the MAP product which is the back-office for all DES components exposed to the markets and manages their tenants and configurations.

Commerce Team

We are an e-commerce development team with Magento expertise, delivering backend components for eCommerce sites.

Consumer Data Platform Team

We enable marketers and data scientists to get the best out of consumer profiles, supporting the CDP product team and enhancing the capabilities of the system.

Marketing Automation Team

We leverage innovative Machine Learning models to deliver targeted marketing campaigns to enrich brand loyalty. We apply engineering practices in the automation process of marketing campaigns and loyalty programs striving for operational excellence on a global scale.

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Intellias is a digital transformation enabler and a trusted technology partner of Fortune 500 enterprises and top-tier organizations. Operating in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the United States, and Saudi Arabia, over 1,700 Intellias experts deliver services to businesses in various domains.

Why Intellias?

The company has been numerously featured in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP, recognized by Inc. 5000, acknowledged in the GSA UK Awards, named the winner of a Silver Stevie Award in the 17th Annual International Business Awards, and was ranked the #1 Employer among Ukrainian IT service providers by Forbes.

In 2021 Intellias was recognized as the best service IT employer by DOU, the biggest IT community in Ukraine.

Intellias was ranked the best IT employer and the 5th best employer across industries by Forbes, global media, which focuses on business and technologies.

Intellias is the Employer of choice among IT professionals, according to EY, one of the biggest consulting companies in the world

Intellias won the award "Bicycle-Friendly Employer of the Year" from UCycle, Kyiv cycling association.

Intellias was named #1 Ukrainian software developer by Clutch, a leading ratings and review platform for IT companies.

If you were to start your own company, Intellias is the one you’d create. We know this because we built the company we’d like to work at ourselves.

Vitaly Sedler and Michael Puzrakov

Co-founders of Intellias

Discover more about our incredible teams 


Here are our main teams who are working on the development of the Digital and eCommerce Platform. 

16 projects within the program including loyalty programs, marketing automation, consumer platform enhancement and support, global mobile and IoT projects, DES implementation, operational readiness framework, and API management.

16 projects within the program including loyalty programs, marketing automation, consumer platform enhancement and support, global mobile and IoT projects, DES implementation, operational readiness framework, and API management.

16 projects within the program including loyalty programs, marketing automation, consumer platform enhancement and support, global mobile and IoT projects, DES implementation, operational readiness framework, and API management.

16 projects within the program including loyalty programs, marketing automation, consumer platform enhancement and support, global mobile and IoT projects, DES implementation, operational readiness framework, and API management.

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Intellias is a global technology partner to Fortune 500 enterprises and top-tier organizations, helping them accelerate their pace of sustainable digitalization. Intellias empowers businesses operating in Europe, the US, the MENA region, and the APAC region to embrace innovation at scale





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Years of delivering technology excellence 



where clients
are located

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Why Intellias?

Inspired by human genius and drive for innovation, we create a culture based on support, respect, and empathy. We will never back down on that no matter how fast we grow.

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We are hiring:  Senior Frontend Developer (React.js) with AEM as nice to have, Principal Frontend Developer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Strong Middle Application Security Engineer

We are hiring:  Senior Frontend Developer (React.js) with AEM as nice to have, Principal Frontend Developer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Strong Middle Application Security Engineer

  • Globalization Through Engineering Centers by Joao Belfo
  • bio
    Rinat Asmus is an active member of the AUTOSAR Steering Committee representing BMW and is looking back to over 13 years of experience with AUTOSAR. Rinat Asmus holds a master’s degree in robotics and automation engineering from the University of Applied Science in Würzburg-Schweinfurt and joined BMW in 2009. Since then, he has been engaged in Software Architecture, Engineering and AUTOSAR implementation in several BMW ECU projects. In addition, Rinat Asmus is passionately committed to the further development of AUTOSAR as a standard and as an organization, he continues to support AUTOSAR with his dedicated approach as AUTOSAR Chairperson in 2022.
  • bio
    Denys Fedenko started his career as a QA, eventually spending 5 years in automotive projects management. Having about 10 years of professional experience in IT, he’s been working with logistics, telecommunication, and cyber security. He currently specializes in automotive projects, especially in the EV area.
  • bio
    Joao is a strong leader with over 20 years of experience in a number of local and multi-national IT service companies, where he successfully managed large organizations of over 500 people. Bringing together a strong leadership background and a profound understanding of the Portuguese automotive landscape, Joao will orchestrate a setup of Intellias operations in Portugal and lead our delivery growth, efficiency and excellence.
  • bio
    Vitalii is an accomplished, driven business development executive, an advisor, and a keynote speaker with 10 years’ experience in digital technology and growth enablement. His industry knowledge and exemplary ability to lead in changing environments have contributed to delivering transportation and mobility solutions for the world’s top brands in Europe and the USA.
  • Agenda
    The most common performance problems of Hibernate  Tips on how to avoid them  Monitoring instruments of Hibernate and DB 
  • Language
  • About Speaker
    Oleksii Bratenkov is a software engineer with more than 5 years of experience and extensive experience working with Hibernate and its optimization 
  • Іван Кутузов, “Data consistency in a distributed system”
    Про тему Узгодженість даних стала сьогодні критично важливою завдяки популярності мікросервісів. Ви можете працювати над проектом і навіть не помічати її (поки не станеться щось погане). З моєї точки зору, краще знати про такі шаблони, як Saga, про те, як її побудувати, які у неї недоліки та як її правильно підтримувати. Про спікера Як сам розповідає про себе Іван, він інженер-програміст з бородою. Іван Community/Competence Lead у SoftServe та організатор івентів спільноти GolangUA Львів. Використовує Go з версії 1.4.
  • Що ми підготували?
    - вступне слово від Віктора Пахучого - виступи від двох спікерів: "Data consistency in a distributed system" від Івана Кутузовата "Those who log well never debug" від Андрія Степка. - нетворкінг - частування
  • Андрій Степко, "Those who log well never debug"
    Про тему Інформативні логи можуть врятувати вас від марної втрати часу та болісного страждання. Але як написати логи, які будуть вам добре служити? Я хочу поговорити про логи, чому ми їх пишемо, як ми можемо їх використовувати, а також поділитися своїм поглядом на те, як писати дійсно корисні логи. Про спікера Андрій - маніяк недвозначності та борець за явність, вживання коректних термінів і правильної відповідальності у коді. І, звісно, великий шанувальник інформативних логів. Він ніколи не використовує debugger, stack-trace, а також функцію init(). Любить небо, настільні ігри та сноубординг.
  • Język
    język angielski 
  • O spikerzu
    Oleksii Bratenkov jest software inżynierem z ponad 5-letnim doświadczeniem i dużym doświadczeniem w pracy z Hibernate i jego optymalizacji 
  • Agenda
    • Najczęstsze problemy z wydajnością Hibernate  • Wskazówki, jak ich unikać  • Instrumenty monitorujące Hibernate i DB 
  • Senior CMS .Net Engineer
    Key Skills 5+ experience of relevant work experience with C#/.Net Experience with web API's (REST, GraphQL) Experience CI/CD with Kubernetes, infrastructure as a code AWS cloud system Experience with Content Management System (Piranha, Sitecore, Umbraco, Squidex) MediatR and implementation of CQRS with this library Multitenancy Ability to test your code using xUnit Fluent/Advanced in English Apply for a vacancy ➡️
  • Senior Database Developer (PostgreSQL)
    Key Skills Strong experience in PostgreSQL (creating storage logic) Coding skills in the procedural language (pl/pgsql) 5+ experience building and maintaining complex production RDMS Strong experience related to: database design, modeling, performance tuning, profiling, optimization Fluent/Advanced in English Apply for a vacancy ➡️
  • Про спікера
    Мажара Ольга - Senior Java Engineer в Intellias Ольга працює у Big Data і планує вчити 3 Scala, коли до неї добереться Spark. Має 5 років досвіду розробки на мові Scala. Крім того, упродовж 2 років Ольга викладала основи функціонального програмування у КПІ. Ментор спікера: Дорохін Олександр, Senior Scala Developer в Intellias Олександр має 7+ років досвіду в Scala. Наразі служить у ЗСУ та консультує своїх колег з окопів.
  • Програма
    Орієнтовний зміст Ієрархія типів та їх перетворення Визначеня імплісітів Типові проблеми Зміни у Scala 3 Приклади проблем, які можна зустріти на практиці
  • Мова події
  • Рівень складності
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    Strong Junior, Middle Scala Developers Java developers
  • O spikerzu
    Marta Komarnytska, Senior Delivery Manager w Intellias, współpracuje z klientami z całegoświata, w tym z Japonii, Australii, WielkiejBrytanii, USA i Niemiec. Marta ukończyłakurszarządzaniacyfrowego za granicąi ma ponad 6-letnie doświadczenie w zarządzaniuprojektami.
  • Na czym skupiamy się podczas wydarzenia?
    📌Teoria Czarnego Łabędzia i dlaczego zasady Programowania zwinnego pasują lepiej 📌 Panika i opanowanie – posiadaj własne emocje 📌 Co robimy dalej? Deploy on Prod, of course! 📌 Reagowanie na zmianę na realizację planu
  • Język
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  • About Speaker
    Oleksiy Tsebriy, Senior Data Analyst at Intellias Data Scientist with five years of experience, which is 12% of conscious life. The prog