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Job opportunities for experienced Middle/Senior/Lead Java & Scala engineers


FinTech, Automotive, Digital


iPhone 14 256GB

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Everyone dreams of that – the latest brand-new smartphone by Apple. And at Intellias you can get it ve-e-ery easily. Just accept the offer within our Rapid Java & Scala Hiring Week and receive an iPhone 14 256GB as a welcome bonus*.

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* the model of iPhone may differ.

** Вonus money equivalent Senior/Lead 1500 USD, Strong Middle/Middle 1000 USD.

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Rapid Java & Scala Hiring Week:
how to participate?

Application and CV

Send your application and CV between October 5 and October 28. We'll review them asap.

Introductory chat

If your profile meets the requirements, have a small intro chat with our recruiter.

Technical interview

An interview with project's tech experts.

Job offer and welcome bonus

Accept a job offer on the very same day and get an iPhone 14 256GB as a welcome bonus*.

*Bonus money equivalent Senior/Lead 1500 USD, Strong Middle/Middle 1000 USD gross.


Annual vacation
18 days