This project spreads 5G

Inviting Java and Vue.js developers
to join a German telecom project

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Join our team and work on one of the biggest German telecom projects

Beware! 5G takes over the world! Wanna be a part of it? We’ve got a project just for you. It’s a huge telecom company that has it all: 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and a whole lot of upcoming opportunities. Our client manages 40 telecom systems of a German giant, from a point of sales to CRM and self-service portals. Together, these systems ensure the work of third, fourth, and fifth generation mobile networks, with 5G coverage available to over quarter of the country’s population.

The systems have been around for 10-15 years, and we’re looking for specialists, who will support them and lead them into the future. The 5G future, obviously. Being a part of the team, you will mostly focus on modernizing the systems and transporting them into the cloud. Ready? Let’s go!

We’ll help the old systems shine again! You will deal with implementing high-performance applications and transporting systems into the new, cloud age.

A German client means accuracy and solid planning. In other words, no messing around – the processes are well-structured and clear.

You’ll spread 5G, great code and efficient solutions on tenths of millions of subscribers. Worth of joining on its own, isn’t it?

This is a five-star project. Here’s why:

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