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 Іnviting freelance recruiters 
to cooperate with Intellias

Benefits of working with a global IT company.
Freedom of being self-employed

Job opportunity
for freelance recruiters with experience in IT

Do you have experience finding Senior and Middle developers for IT companies? Are you inspired by large-scale tasks and work with a complex technological stack? Join the team of freelance recruiters Intellias in Europe!

Here at Intellias, we have more than 300 open vacancies. We operate in Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. We are also about to open new offices in Europe and Latin America. 75% of our job positions are meant for Senior+ engineers.
And we need you to find the brightest IT stars worldwide.

A few words about the terms of cooperation
We hope you will enjoy them!

Intellias freelance recruiter can recommend a candidate for open technical vacancies and receive a monetary bonus provided the candidate successfully passes all stages of interviews and joins the company. The level of vacancies must be Middle or higher.

Recommendation acceptance workflow