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Is this another digital banking?

No, something much more!

With superb engineering, we help the finance industry to change – fast!

Our customer is a unique, Sharia-compliant digital banking and wealth proposition in the heart of London. It is not just another digital bank offering a seamless banking experience with certainty, security, and simplicity but more. Its mission is to help people sustain and grow their wealth for future generations. It does this by solving problems people have instead of just selling boring banking products. In cooperation with Intellias, this FinTech project achieves this in a socially responsible way, driven by innovation and backed by a leading financial institution that is in it for the long run.

Create a fintech project on your own

Why do we like this project? Because we develop digital banking from scratch! 

For 9 months we at Intellias were engaged in development. Now digital banking is at the pilot stage. Work is underway both on new functions and the banking application itself, as well as on integrations with other services.

We hope you enjoy working on this project too!