Short films & charity session
to support Ukraine


Intellias, a global IT company with Ukrainian roots, together with Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art presents a selection of Ukrainian short films.

At this very moment, Ukraine’s fighting for freedom and democracy. Through this series of short films, we’d like to introduce you to Ukraine and help you understand its people better. All of them were created by Ukrainian film directors. Watching the movies, you will feel the spirit of the Revolution of Dignity and beam at bizarre Ukrainian balconies; catch the irony of getting rid of Lenin monuments and see how the war can destroy peaceful cities.

Join the charitable movie session to #StandWithUkrainiane. All donations will be transferred to the Charitable Foundation Voices of Children. 

Watch short films and support Ukrainian children

April 14, 19:15


Krakowski Forum Cultury, Mikołajska 2, Kraków


Ukrainian/Russian with English subtitles


Nikon Romanchenko

25 min | documentary | 2014

History of the Ukrainian Maidan 2013-2014, which runs through the faces of the heroes of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity of the 21st century. From a romantic singing start - to a blazing fiery struggle for freedom and independence.

Roman Blazhan

26 min | documentary | 2019

Enter Through The Balcony is a short documentary about makeshift balconies in Ukraine. The film explores the balcony as an informal architectural form that is uniquely Ukrainian. It is a journey through the decades, examining both balconies and their owners in cities across Ukraine.

Natasha Kyselova

20 min | fiction | 2020

Tolik is a teenager who lives with his mother in a front line city. Each day she asks him to clean on the carpet. But he has no deal with it – he has a business with his friends. Besides, he falls in love with a young woman and helps her with a baby. Through all of these vital difficulties nobody notices how the war comes.

Svitlana Shymko

11 min | documentary | 2017

An ironic tale of farewell to the Soviet era in Ukraine. During a spiritual session with Lenin's spirit, we learn about our past, present, and future. The film shows the heyday and decline of idols, as well as the fantastic afterlife of the ghosts of history. The tape is inspired by laws passed in 2015 by the Verkhovna Rada that condemn the Soviet totalitarian regime and prohibit the use of communist symbolism. And also how these laws are implemented.

  1. To share information about Ukraine and its people through the eyes of Ukrainian film directors. 

  2. To raise money for the Charitable Foundation Voices of Children. Watch movies and help us support the children of Ukraine. 

You can also make donations following this link

Every visitor of the film session will receive a sticker pack as a souvenir of their kind gesture

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Program details | 16+

Dariia Tvoronovich

6 min | documentary | 2022

Short stories of kids during russian-Ukrainian war 2022

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