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Drive Digital Transformation

Join us to lead the charge in digital innovation for global manufacturer 

Assist a leading manufacturer in their 
digital transformation journey 

Intellias innovative software solutions and expertise in digital engineering helping our customer to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and position themselves at the forefront of the industry.
From the number of project in IoT, eCommerce and other areas, the major collaborative effort is focused on developing innovative platform that serves as a central hub for internal customers, offering seamless access to a range of infrastructure services and features. This portal enhances the overall digital experience and strengthens customer engagement.
Throughout these projects, we prioritize compliance with industry standards and ensure the adoption of best practices. This approach guarantees the quality and reliability of the software applications we develop, instilling confidence in our client and their stakeholders.


Ready to join us? 

Why should you join this project?

Unlock Autonomy and Mastery: thrive in a team that values autonomy, mastery, and purpose within our SAFe process. Take ownership of new features, explore diverse technical solutions, and unleash your intrinsic motivation. 

Pioneer Modern Challenges: lead the charge in distributing cloud infrastructure to end-users. Every task is an opportunity to break new ground, offering continuous challenges in a dynamic tech landscape. 

Accelerate Your Growth: dive into a project with complex tasks, modern tech stacks, and abundant growth opportunities. Leverage the team's expertise for a rapid and fulfilling professional journey. 

Innovate Freely with Client Support: use necessary tools, bring your ideas to life, and be part of a culture that actively encourages and supports your initiatives. 

What about the project’s technology?

What about

the project’s technology? 


And who are we looking for? 

DevOps Engineer


Strong knowledge of DevOps patterns and practices;

Experience with ElasticSearch


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