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Job opportunities for experienced Middle/Senior/Lead DevOps engineers


FinTech, Automotive, Telecom, Digital


Segway-Ninebot MAX G30E II electric scooter or a cash bonus – the choice is yours

Mission: Possible! Join DevOps Hiring Day at Intellias on July 16, choose a project, and get an offer on the same day together with an electric scooter as a welcome bonus!


Being ecologically friendly is an important part of Intellias culture. We strive to achieve sustainable development goals and make ecomobility a real city trend. Therefore, our gifts for DevOps engineers reflect our values. Accept the offer within 24 hours and receive a Segway-Ninebot MAX G30E II electric scooter as a welcome bonus*

Or you can choose a cash bonus**

* the model of an electric scooter may differ.
** Вonus money equivalent Senior/Lead $1500, Strong Middle/Middle $1000 USD



Application and CV

Send your application and CV by July 16. We’ll review them asap.


Introductory chat

If your profile meets our requirements, you’ll have a short intro chat with our recruiter.


Hiring Day

On July 16 join our online DevOps Hiring Day. The welcome speech for the participants starts at 10 a.m. Tech interviews start at 10:30 a.m.


Job offer and welcome bonus

Accept a job offer the very same day and get a Segway-Ninebot MAX G30E II electric scooter or a cash bonus of up to $1500 as a welcome bonus.


Client interview


We hire for some of our projects only after a client interview. It may take time:( But we will organize everything as fast as possible.

*Bonus money equivalent Senior\Lead 1500 USD, Strong Middle\Middle 1000 USD.

DevOps Hiring Day: how to participate?

*Bonus money equivalent Senior\Lead 2000 USD, Strong Middle 1500 USD, Middle 1000 USD gross. 

 Speed up to apply now!  

Choose a vacancy and a project for yourself

Don't know which vacancy to choose? Picking just one vacancy can be challenging since all of them are great. Send us your CV and our experienced recruiters will help you make the right choice based on your competence and skills.

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Meet Intellias

Intellias is a global technology partner to Fortune 500 enterprises and top-tier organizations, helping them accelerate their pace of sustainable digitalization. Intellias empowers businesses operating in Europe, the US, the MENA region, and the APAC region to embrace innovation at scale.