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Let me tell you about Intellias, where I’m happily working as a mascot. It’s a global tech company with 21 years of history and a brand-new development hub in Sofia. The hub has been founded 1 year ago, and that’s exactly when I joined the team. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

One thing to know about Intellias is its humane culture. Probably, that’s why Intellias was regularly named the best IT employer. Oh, and the projects are great too! Let’s look around and see what makes Intellias different.

Hi Bulgaria, Stepan the Chameleon is here!

Intellias and Stjepan the Chameleon present:

A tech company with a human touch

Join the team in Croatia

Humane Workplace

Intellias is a company created by people for people. And for me, chameleon, obviously. We foster a culture of openness and caring, efforts and results. What’s important here is attention to personality, not do-it-like-this processes. We start our days with ‘Good morning’, not status updates. There’s enough space in our office not only to work comfortably but also to craft and implement fresh ideas. This is the environment where Intellias’ benchmark tech solutions are born. 

Flexible Workstyle 

You can manage your time, workplace, and career in just one click. Have a dentist appointment or tickets to your favorite football team’s game? Go ahead, no need to ask for your manager’s permission. Want to change your working place? Not a problem – you can work from home, from the office, or from a patio with a sea view. We have an internal platform, Career Hub, which puts you in the center of multiple career options that Intellias offers. Choose when and how to develop your career, easily and swiftly.